Coronavirus: Toyota, Honda To Close Down China Plants

Yusuf Dotun

Toyota, the world’s second-largest automaker, has concluded plans to close down its auto plants in China following the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus.

The Japanese automaker, Toyota, has said its auto plants in China will remain closed until February 16.

A Toyota spokesperson reportedly stated that the company is preparing for the return to normal operations on February 17.

Recall that initially there were plans to resume operations in early February after the Lunar New Year holidays, but the China plants decided in late January to continue the suspension of operations till today.

The closure affects 12 plants operated by Toyota in mainland China with joint venture partners, GAC Motor and FAW Group. These include four car manufacturing plants and eight plants that manufacture components.

China is the world’s biggest auto market. Toyota produced about 1.4 million vehicles for the Chinese market last year, representing an increase of more than six per cent from the prior year.

The factories of other major automakers in China also continue to remain closed since late January, as authorities in China try to halt the spread of the virus.

However, Honda Motor too said it plans to resume production at its plants in China from February 17.

Automakers remain concerned about whether they can return to full production in China after reopening due to potential supply chain disruptions following the coronavirus outbreak.

China’s National Health Commission said, on Friday, that the death toll in the country related to the coronavirus outbreak has risen to 636, while the number of people infected increased to 31,161.

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