Coronavirus: Nafdac Warns Of Drug Insecurity

Coronavirus: Nafdac Warns Of Drug Insecurity

Eludoyin Oluwanisola

Professor Mojisola, Director of the National Agency for Food, Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC), has warned Nigerians to be watchful and observant over drugs.

According to her, there is drug insecurity in the country as most of them are imported from China where there is an outbreak of Coronavirus, adding that India is feeling it too as their drugs are also bought from the said country.

“And if India is feeling it, we should start praying because we don’t manufacture anything here except water. We import virtually everything from active, non-active ingredients and equipment, among others.

“So, it is scary, and I have been emphasising this from day one. We need drug security. Since we import 70 per cent of our drugs, we are in trouble if such things happen,” she warned.

She also cautioned the boiling of paracetamol by ignorant people.

“When paracetamol is subjected to heat while cooking with it, it changes to para-aminophenol and benzoquine, which destroys the kidneys. We have done a lot of enlightenment because the major problem of our people is ignorance and illiteracy.

“We haven’t made any arrests because to do that, we will need to test the pots of soup containing the substances at our office. Another reason is that we are short-staffed, but I think the government is doing something about this,”she said

Minister of State for Health, Dr Olorunmibe Mamora, was also present at the media briefing in Abuja on the upcoming African Medicine Quality Forum (AMQF) on Monday. At the briefing, he assured Nigerians that the Federal Government was being watchful of the health of Nigerian citizens in China, especially Wuhan. He mentioned that evacuation would be done once the need arises.

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