NCS Raises Alarm Over New Means Of Smuggling

NCS Raises Alarm Over New Means Of Smuggling

Eludoyin Oluwanisola

The Nigeria Customs Service has raised alarm on the new means of smuggling contraband goods into the country.

In a recent statement by its Public Relations Officer, Joseph Attah, it was stated that the smugglers now use items like coffins, gas cylinders, and tyres to smuggle in foreign rice.

He asked that the service not be blamed as the smugglers are smart enough to wrap rice like dead bodies, perforating tires to make it look unsuspicious, adding that it takes a level of intelligence to get them caught.

“If you do not have tip-off, you are not likely to know that inside that spare tyre are 10 or 15 mudus (measures) of foreign rice.

“Another circumstance, smugglers use caskets that are used to carry corpses to either smuggle rice or petrol. They sometimes load petro in jerry cans and put it inside a casket, wrapped in such a way that you think is carrying a dead body.

“A situation like this, if you don’t have intelligence, you wouldn’t know. For instance, without tip-off, it is unlikely as a human being to accost a vehicle carrying a casket with a supposed dead body and request for such to be opened,” he said.

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