Coronavirus: Reason Why The Italian Man Visited Nigeria Revealed

Coronavirus: Reason Why The Italian Man Visited Nigeria Revealed

Austin Papi

A few days ago, the news of the first coronavirus victim in Nigeria and Africa, left the continent in distress. An Italian man tested positive and was diagnosed with Corvid-19 (Coronavirus) in Nigeria.

Well, it has been revealed to newsmen why the victim had come to Nigeria.

A cement manufacturer company in Ogun State, Lafarge Africa Plc has on Sunday stated that their company had invited the forty-four-year-old Italian man to the country to inspect some installations of machines which they had purchased from a Swedish firm.

Segun Soyoye, Lafarge’s Industrial Director, who spoke to newsmen in Lagos State, claimed that the man came to Nigeria, precisely Ewekoro in Ogun state to carry out technical supervision of their recently acquired manufacturing equipment.

”The Italian came for a business visit. He was in Lagos on Monday and slept at Airport Hotel, Ikeja. Our driver took him there, and when we observed abnormal temperatures and symptoms, we quickly instituted an Emergency Response Team which is led by the Company CEO; we have to find a way of analysing and identifying not only the Italian but also the other contacts.

“Today (Saturday) is Day 3; they will be there for 14 days. We will continue to observe them, we have their database, showing their biodata and other information,

”The doctor is here and what he is doing is to check them on a regular basis. So far everybody is stable, they are not symptomatic, we are providing everything for them over there.

“The other thing that I have not said is that the clinic that was used for the infected person is closed, disinfected and we moved everybody out.

“All the guys on duty that day, they were also quarantined, so they will be there for 14 days as well,” he explained.

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