COVID-19: Men Who Boarded Same Flight With Italian Have Been Found

COVID-19: Men Who Boarded Same Flight With Italian Have Been Found

Eludoyin Oluwanisola

The two men who boarded the same flight with the Italian who tested positive to coronavirus in Lagos, have been found.

Lagos Government has been tracing the men, Enwelunta Obumnore Godfrey and Salami Abiodun Sade for weeks and only found them after making their names public.

This followed the announcement of the state on Monday that they could not be reached.

However, according to Commissioner for Health, Prof Akin Abayomi, on Wednesday, during a press briefing, the men were produced after 24 hours of publicizing it on social media.

“I thank the media for putting those names out and for social media, it was very quick.

“It shows that the Lagos community is responsive and very responsible because I was surprised at the speed they were identified,

“He (the Italian) has no symptom, but the test shows that he’s still secreting the virus although the level is going down significantly.

“So if the virus secretion hits zero, we will test him one more time to be sure and he will be discharged from the hospital. The second case is doing well.

“He hasn’t developed any major symptoms; just some minor aches and pains and he seems to be doing well and we are satisfied.

“We will repeat his test tomorrow and we will determine what happens next based on his test,” he stated.

He also made a disclosure about others who have been put under care and treatment

“We have admitted a family of four children and their teacher who came from the United Kingdom.

“Apparently they are in close proximity with somebody who has coronavirus infection.

“We have had them in isolation for the past two days. The first test is negative; we will repeat the test in forty-eight hours and see what happens.

“We also have another gentleman from the United Kingdom. So, we will run his test today and the result will define what happens,” he said.

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