80% Of Corruption Cases Are From The Education Sector -  Makinde

80% Of Corruption Cases Are From The Education Sector - Makinde

David Ugbabe

The Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde, has lamented over the spate of pervasive corruption as no fewer than 80 per cent corruption cases have been reported in the education sector since assumption of office.

Hence, his administration is prepared to dismiss and prosecute anyone caught sabotaging government’s efforts through corrupt practices.

The Oyo State governor who made the revelation through a series of tweets via his twitter page wrote, “This afternoon, the leaders of the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) Oyo State, led by Comrade Samson Adedoyin, paid us a courtesy visit. I listened to their demands concerning the welfare of their members; board appointments, leave bonus, people who were wrongfully dismissed etc.”

The governor stated that he was not pleased with the dismissal, however, “it cannot be business as usual. Our admin is putting a lot of money into the sector and the state has to get value for it. In fact, of the cases of corruption that have been brought to my attention, 80% are from the education sector.”

Makinde said, “Right now, I have had reports that in some schools, they are collecting money for mock exams. When they bring me a file asking for permission to spend money to print examination materials, I approve it.”

He further explained that he had carried out a sting operation noting an encounter where he had to let a woman go for allegedly collecting money from teachers to promote or post them to choice areas.

He also recounted an incident of four people collecting money at TESCOM who were caught.

“They are going to be dismissed and they will be prosecuted. It is a decision that is painful but we have to ensure that we get value for whatever we are committing,” he said.

Explaining what had happened, Governor Makinde said: “They brought the file to me asking to approve the grant for this term and I asked them to give me a breakdown of how the grant for the first term, over N500 million, was distributed. It’s about accountability.

“After about five weeks, they brought back incomplete information. However, I asked that we go ahead and give the second term grant while we are looking into the returns for the first term.”

Being aware of this, Makinde said: “I have taken it upon myself to monitor the education sector because we have committed a lot of money into it and we want to get value for money.”

However, the feedback that I am getting has not been encouraging. He reiterated that the free education being implemented by his administration is aimed at lessening the burden on parents.

“We want to lighten the burden on our parents and majority of our people. In certain schools, they are being blackmailed into doing certain things. Enlighten your members that I will not back off,” he said.

To this end, he noted that the education sector is under his watch as he is personally monitoring it to ensure that the government gets value for money it continues to invest in the sector.

Meanwhile, he revealed that a board had been instituted to oversee the operation of the Oyo State Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and will soon be inaugurated.

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