Ortom Clamours For North-Central-Owned Security Outfit

Ortom Clamours For North-Central-Owned Security Outfit

David Ugbabe

Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom, has indicated an interest in the North Central zone having its own security outfit such as the “Amotekun” initiative which has gained ground and sponsored by the south-west governors.

He noted that in view of the magnitude of the security challenges confronting the people of the state, such initiative was highly needed.

Ortom, who spoke in Makurdi yesterday, said that despite not being discussed amongst governors of the North Central region, he desires to adopt a security outfit in Benue State.

He said, “On the issue of Benue replicating ‘Amotekun’ I think every other region is planning their security outfit and I think that we are also going to meet very soon at our own regional level.

“For me as a person, though we have not met at the regional level of North Central Governors, but I can assure you that there will be need for Benue state too to provide a security outfit that will complement what the conventional security personnel are doing.”

He quizzed “How can a whole Local Government Area, LGA, like Guma have less than 50 policemen?”

“Even other LGAs in the state have less that number. So this is the challenge, we are not criticizing anyone but we are saying the truth. And it is something that we have to collectively come together to handle. It is not a matter of ego, not at all,” he added.

The governor, therefore, emphasized the need to secure the state so that the displaced farmers can go back home otherwise food insecurity will become a problem.

He added that “These IDPs are the people who farm in our communities, there are no mechanized farming activities in Benue state. But we have the peasant farmers and those are the people in the IDPs camps scattered across the state.”

He stressed that his desire was to have them back home, hence a similar outfit as “the ‘Amotekun’ would have to happen. We have no option than to do it in view of our challenges, as the outfit will complement the efforts of the conventional security personnel in the state.”

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