Kwara  Bans Gathering Exceeding 10 People

Kwara Bans Gathering Exceeding 10 People


In a bid to reduce the spread of the COVID-19, the Kwara State Police Command has banned any congregation of persons exceeding ten in the state, and any gathering exceeding 10 people, must obtain a written permission from the state.

Ajayi Okasanmi, the state command’s spokesperson in a statement said that “all suspects in cases of simple offence or misdemeanour are not to be detained but released on bail immediately. Detention should only be in the case of serious offences that are not normally bailable.”

All heads of department (HODs), Area Commanders, District Police Officers (DPOs), and heads of units are to immediately provide handwashing facilities or alcohol-based sanitizers or both at appropriate positions in their offices and stations.

All visitors who must visit the police facility/office are to be admitted into the offices only after having washed their hands with soap or sanitized their hands with the alcohol based sanitizers provided at the entrance of such police facility/office.

Area commanders and DPOs have earlier been advised to make available infrared thermometers for use in their stations. This has now become very necessary and must be taken very seriously.

Weekly briefing with DPOs within the metro will now be done online until further notice. All concerned DPOs and HODs are to come online and hook up to a new platform that will be created for that purpose, once it is noon on Monday every week.

With respect to the above, the PPRO is hereby directed to create that special platform today with the title ‘Monday Briefing', only for this purpose.

This will also apply to the monthly officers conference if the situation in the country is yet to improve significantly before our next monthly officers conference.”

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