COVID-19: Tinubu Cancels 68th Birthday Celebration

COVID-19: Tinubu Cancels 68th Birthday Celebration

David Ugbabe

The National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has announced the postponement of any gathering and celebration associated with his birthday due to the growing cases of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tinubu, in a statement on Saturday, said: “In the spirit of each of us caring for one another during this unprecedented moment, we must all be willing to do what ordinarily we would not do. What in normal times might be considered improper or ill-mannered is now an act of compassionate responsibility.

“This is particularly true when it comes to acts of social distancing and other precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.”

He added that it is for the reason of safeguarding public health, he cancelled the annual colloquium held on his birthday at which ideas and solutions are proffered to emerging national issues.

“Consistent with the postponement of the colloquium, there will be no public celebration of my birthday at all,” he said.

The Aiswaju of Lagos noted that he usually celebrate his birthdays with gatherings of family and friends where people mingled in proximity, however, the precarious situation of things have called for a change.

“Given the challenge we now face, this is not the time for any form of public celebration or gathering to mark anyone’s birthday. Such a celebration would be inconsistent with the measures we must take to protect our loved ones and the public at large,” he said.

He therefore, enjoined and pleaded with friends, associates and indeed everyone hoping to come and celebrate the day with him to support government’s efforts to contain the virus.

He said, “You do this by staying at home, by observing personal hygiene, and by taking all necessary steps to stay safe. At this moment, there is no better way to help me mark my birthday than for you to take every precaution to protect the health of our beloved people. That you remain healthy and alive will be the best gift you can give to me at this time.”

He concluded that “Once this moment passes, we shall all have reason to celebrate and give thanks to God. Until then, let us honour our social duty by foregoing large gatherings.”

He stressed that this is the moment to show our concern for one another not by gathering in celebration but by staying at home in good health and in contribution to public safety. Use the time to pray to God that this terrible thing passes quickly from us.

He enjoined all well-wishers to donate whatever gifts intended for him to their neighbours, to their communities or to whomever they know who may be in need at this difficult moment.

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