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Happenings Newsletter: Bobrisky Reveals ‘Her’ Large Breasts  

Nigerian cross-dresser Bobrisky shocked everybody when he revealed his large breasts on social media.

Itohan Ferguson

There is no such thing as bad publicity, and nobody knows that better than Nigerian cross-dresser, Bobrisky.

Although his notoriety is founded on supposedly bad publicity and scandal, his is the name on everybody’s lips.

From planning a fake wedding with a faceless groom to verbally dragging all who criticise him, Bobrisky will always trend.

His latest antic has the cross-dresser putting on full display rather large breasts.

Yep! You heard me right, Bobrisky now has breasts.

Even I am slightly green with envy looking at the cleavage that may likely be a D cup.

While we are yet to recover from the male Barbie doll spotting a large chest, those who are bent on exposing his sham at every turn have revealed that he is wearing fake silicon breasts.

His loyal supporters believe that he may have gone under the knife to complete his transformation from male to female, then again we may never know.

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