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Happenings Newsletter: The Power of the Collective Nigerian Voice

Itohan Ferguson

The average Nigerian has been desensitized to the power of his or her own voice.

Thus they do not believe that their collective voices is a powerful roar which can effect change.

Every once in a while we are reminded of the power of the collective Nigerian voice.

Just recently, several small victories were recorded, because in unison Nigerians roared in the face of injustice.

This roar was a reason the general overseer of COZA, Biodun Fatoyinbo stepped down from his throne after allegations of rape from Busola Dakolo.

The collective Nigerian voice eviscerated serving senator Elisha Abbo, for daring to assault a defenseless woman in a shop.

And the roar rose in unison, until the Federal Government effectively suspended RUGA.

Indeed the collective Nigerian voice is powerful but it is often splintered by tribe, religion and class.

Imagine how much we can achieve if we roared at our government.

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