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Happenings Newsletter: The Craze for Perfection

Itohan Ferguson

Happenings Newsletter
Happenings Newsletter

Perfection is an idea plenty of people aspire to achieve. So feverish is the need to be perfect that many bend themselves to the point of breaking to get it.

There is a need to have the perfect body, relationship, life, career, even perfect children.

To make an already bad situation, worse is social media as it has taken the ‘perfect life’ syndrome to a mind-numbing crescendo.

Thus the only way to feel good about oneself is to ‘Pepper Dem’.

A Nigerian OAP paid millions to doctors to sculpt her body, and she ended up with a botched lopsided booty.

In a moment of weakness, Wizkid’s third baby mama, Jada Pollock made the shocking revelation that the superstar is an abuser. Now to save face, she has come on social media to recant her statement, blaming an invisible hacker.

Jada Pollock is unable to accept that she is not living a perfect life; thus, she is hiding what can potentially become a bad situation.

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