Happenings Newsletter: The Indictment of 77 Nigerians Exposes Our Moral Bankruptcy

Happenings Newsletter: The Indictment of 77 Nigerians Exposes Our Moral Bankruptcy

Itohan Ferguson

In what Nigerians all over the world are calling a National embarrassment and an implosion of our morality, a United States grand Jury indicted 77 Nigerians in what US attorney, Nick Hanna has termed the largest raid for online fraud.

Of the 77 Nigerians indicted, 75 are of Igbo ethnicity, thus it is expected that tribal blame game will be the order of the day.

Beyond the noise, finger-pointing and very public condemnation, we must ask ourselves a rather pertinent question; how complicit are we in fostering the culture of ill-gotten wealth?

Nigeria is a country where money is king and those who own it are worshipped as gods, thus the adulation of materialism has encouraged the rot our system, this is because nobody stops to ask, where did the money for the luxury cars, lifestyle and homes come from?

This rot is so pervasive that we find it in all levels of our government; in the Entertainment industry; the Health sector; Churches et cetera, it has become an acceptable way of life that many rationalise it as "na where person dey work e dey chop”.

Of course this will have far-reaching consequences for Nigeria as a country, it will not just be 77 names villified, the poison will go around.

If we did a 360 and questioned how people get wealthy overnight? If we shamed those whose wealth are ill-gotten? If we do not encourage or participate in corruption?

Maybe just maybe Nigeria will be great again.

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