#MOTY: Finally, Skales achieves it without Wizkid


Finally, He did it!

It may not have had the very best of media attention and promotions but “Man Of The Year” aka “MOTY” album and concert have materialized: and Skales is still standing.

He sure does have every reason to be proud of himself, especially, after been dumped last year by the prestigious but declining EME.

He deserves an applause.

Skales switched between emotions, charisma, talent, and wonder as he performed to his audience who braved the lingering fuel crisis to register their support at the Federal Palace Hotel, on Sunday, May 31, 2014 where the event took place.

Unsurprisingly, Banky W and his crew (Niyola and Shay Dee) was in the building: whether to support or just to spectate, I don’t know and really don’t care because the news is HE was there which is commendable (at least to me).

Banky watched the boy he discovered and nurtured, go through artistic puberty and emerge a virile man. This concert must have felt like watching a disowned son go through his rite of passage, guided by an adopted father. I’m sure he felt some vestige of pride.

Whatever the case is between them, Skales is still Banky W’s son. Come rejection, come Baseline.

The almighty STAR BOY aka Wizkid, on the other hand, who claimed to be supporting his “BROTHER” (Skales) from ‘day one’ was no where to be found!

Yes, we know about their twitter fight which started when Skales tweeted about who his fans wanted featured on MOTY and a fan said Wizkid.

Things got heated up from there but my point is that Wizkid should have turned up for the concert. I mean this is someone you practically started up with and probably lived with too.

Dude, even Davido made it to the event from the USA to support the ‘Man Of The Year’ concert.

You may want to look at this as a cheap ass pretense. That Wizzy shouldn’t form loyalty, trying to project good image thereby endearing himself to more people/fans which is part of the things he would have gained. But above that, it would have shown maturity and that Wizkid is way bigger that a silly twitter fight.

Anyway, those are my thoughts…and MOTY has come and gone; and Skales is apparently still in business after all said and done.

So, I say SALUTE to the real ‘Man Of The Year’!

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