#Opinion: VJ Adams launches denim line: The celebrity serial entrepreneurship trend

#Opinion: VJ Adams launches denim line: The celebrity serial entrepreneurship trend

Ezinne Osuagwu

VJ Adams recently launched his denim line, Hurrah! One more popular Nigerian launches a new business venture. He said and I quote “According to the brand, ‘Em Bruto’ which connotes “Unrestricted or Unrefined” is inspired by the young Nigerian who dares to be different… ” Inspiring!. Well it’s innovative and different to sell denim shirts with ankara details. I mean, ankara which in our present day and time has been bastardized; Repeatedly; in the last two years and some of us are still trying to get over the onslaught of that experience. WOW! I’m elated. Is there an excited market anticipating this clothing line?

Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi also launched her shoe collection for the ladies with bigger feet. Now that I can relate. She said, and I agree that people with big feet have challenges finding pretty shoes the right size and the right price. I was sincerely impressed because I have friends who always complain about this problem. Then I happily danced off to the website to see the collection and I saw faux croc skin “plain” black and teal shoes… That stopped me, They didn’t say they just couldn’t find the right size, because there are actually big sizes out there, The problem is that when they find their sizes, the shoes are plain and unflattering. Now refer back to the recently launched Gbemisoke collection and connect the dots…
I’m not trying to be a spoilsport or a “hater”, but before you go into a business, you ask yourself some important questions, Is there a market for my business? Who are my competitors? What edge do I have over them? What service could my product render, that their services, (the competition), doesn’t already satisfy? And many more questions.

My dear people of our beautiful country Nigeria, before you “dabble” into a business, go to the drawing board and outline your priorities, set your goals, your vision and your mission should be clear cut, get your competitive edge and give the competition a run for their money. I wish all celebrity-serial-entrepreneurs, a successful business venture. Show us some love when the money comes o.

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