#Opinion: How do brides pick their bridesmaids?

#Opinion: How do brides pick their bridesmaids?

Mfonobong Akpan

So he popped the much awaited question, and of course you said yes – that’s the only reason a wedding is in view.
A message comes into my cell, from an old neighbour, asking me for my phone number and apologising for not reaching me sooner … I’m saying in my head – but you have nothing to be sorry about.

I begin to think and then remember I saw pictures, a while back, of her and her boo, getting engaged. So of course with my intuitive thinking, I conclude it’s most likely time for a new an ‘aso ebi’.

I was close! She wanted me to be on her train, but the thing is I don’t remember having that kind of relationship that would qualify me for such a noble course.

This brings me to the question – how do brides choose their bridesmaids?

You would agree with me that often times brides just pick on anybody remotely available, who have no close relationships with them, to grace the very long conventional train they so desire on their special day.

Weddings are too much of an intimate affair to have a group of strange persons take up such responsibilities.

Imagine having a bridal shower with a group of ladies you don’t know, wouldn’t it be awkward sharing personal information about your life with these people?  Don’t ask the college roommate, relative or friend you haven’t spoken to in five years just to feel less guilty.

In my opinion, brides should pick people that have been in their lives long enough to earn that spot at their wedding, not some random persons that pop into your head just because you feel you need to have a train. As a matter of fact, who says you need one?

You can very well make do without, but if you think you have to, then make do with the few close friends that would play the role with joy and without reservation.

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