#Opinion: Stupidity versus Love!

#Opinion: Stupidity versus Love!

Yvonne Williams

Love they say is blind, but let’s be honest, is it really? Is love some “irresistible force” from the universe which captures our very sense of reasoning, holding us captive till the end of time, or is she just the perfect veil for our weakness!

Funny, how we easily tend to blame the “love phenomenon” when each time we fall for someone all the giveaway signs perch proudly,  yet with reckless bravado we boldly turn a blind eye and pitiably blame it all on love when the consequences arrive! (Hmm, love has suffered sha! Lol…)

Quick question – How do we draw the perfect line between love and stupidity? I mean really what’s the reasonable boundary between self degradation and perseverance? Plain English, how far should an individual go in the name of love???

It happens all the time around us; typical scenario – bright chic doing pretty well for herself meets “less than average” dude, she’s lonely and loves the attention he’s giving her, somehow the friendship skyrockets and paves way for a relationship.

Many years down the line; he’s still in the “prospect zone which never materializes anyway” (please don’t give me that holier than thou look, lol) while his chic just keeps getting higher. He feels intimidated and frustrated which leads to him pouring out his anger on her, then the once bright eyed lady begins losing her sense of self worth then she consoles herself with these very words – “I did it all for love!”

Better still, let’s take it from the domestic violence angle; a couple begins dating, the hot tempered boyfriend flares up and beats his woman at the slightest provocation. Suddenly,  he pops the question and drunk in love she agrees, convincing herself he would change, but sadly it dawns on her that love perhaps doesn’t conquer all after all, as she helplessly watches him snap the life out of her!

Once again we wonder how far an individual should go for love. I dare say when it comes to domestic violence, omo there’s nothing to consider, just carry your bags and flee!!! Cos most times, things get worse.

Truth be told, the red flags are always there right from the very beginning, the wisest of us heed to their warnings, rejoicing afterwards while others pay dearly for mistakes which could have been avoided.

One advice –when it comes to love, don’t compromise your sense of self value! Shine your eyes well well. Simply?  Love wisely!

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