#Opinion: Bumping and Grinding at parties; what kids do today

#Opinion: Bumping and Grinding at parties; what kids do today

Yvonne Williams

Hmm… Omo, children of nowadays won’t kill me o! Their eyes don tear finish, no be small! Let’s not even pretend, things the average child knows now, we couldn’t even dream of smelling in our own time. Indeed, wonders shall never end! lol

That was how the other day I was totally bored out of my mind, at home counting the ceiling when luckily a friend came over and dragged me to her aunty’s daughter’s birthday party.

Eagerly I quickly got dressed and off to the party we went. Oh, the food was divine ( as yours truly doesn’t play with her tummy) so, I closed my eyes to revel in the mouthwatering delight, but my thought was soon interrupted by loud screams from an overly excited crowd.

“What were they so excited about?”, I asked myself but as my gaze fell upon two little kids (a boy and a girl) not more than 8 years old, I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing; they were grinding and bumping like their lives depended on it, you know like they knew what they were doing, I mean remove the clothes and we’ll be talking sex!

The little girl was twisting and pushing up her bum in his middle while the boy pushed fiercely against her bum as they danced wholeheartedly to the music, many thanks to the deafening cheers of the crowd- Unbelievable!

Oh the crowd was entertained beyond measure, tagging them talented instead of putting a stop it.  I could almost imagine the boy’s dad boasting proudly – ‘That’s my boy, sharp like his dad’, while the mum would thank God for giving her such a talented child.

That was some time ago, however pretty recently I sort of stumbled upon a video on Facebook which took me right back to that moment. Two kids of the opposite sex, decked in skimpy beachwear bumping and grinding against each other. My God! Wrong, wrong, wrong!!! How can full grown adults, sit and watch and even record that show of shame. How liberal is our world today. Hmm, what would be your reaction, if you caught your child doing this? Omo as for me, they wouldn’t believe the lashing they’ll receive.

It’s really sad how the world has now become so sexualized, young children who should be enjoying their innocent childhood are doing things even adults wouldn’t do in broad day light.

So my dear people I’ve just got to ask – is it just me being all “self righteous” or is this not wrong?

I’d love to know your thoughts, but personally, I think the things we expose our kids to must be curtailed big time – I can’t shout!

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