#NigeriansSpeak: Best advice you’ve ever received

#NigeriansSpeak: Best advice you’ve ever received


Have you ever gotten a piece of advice or nugget of wisdom that was particularly impactful and it  stuck with you for a long time?

The best advice could be an oft-repeated cliche (“Do what you love and do it often”), yet one that still resonates with you. Or it could be something very specific, like “you really should quit your job.”

As a curious journalist, I hit the street of Lagos today to find out what drives people…what advice do they live by and I got some really interesting replies.

Joachim Keke, a fashion designer

Joachim Keke, a fashion designer, said his resonating advice was given to him by his father. “Whatever you do, don’t forget where you’re coming from”, were the words his father told him.

David Oputa

Freelance Writer, David Oputa got his advice from a Cab he entered 5 years ago. He said he was conversing with the cab-man about different issues and they delved in the state of the country and the man said “Forget government, people are making money everyday and building houses in this same Nigeria…if your fail! my brother it’s your fault o!”.

Sade Okoya

Sade Okoya, a trader, revealed her cousin’s brother told her to “Pursue success like you crave breathing” and it has been in her head ever since.

Benny Blanco

For cinematographer, Benny Blanco, his dad told him “Never to sleep with a married woman” and it has remained with him till date.

Chinyere Irechukwu aka Social butterfly

Chinyere Irechukwu aka Social butterfly, a presenter at Gosporella FM said she got her advice from her friends (Chidubem and Barr. Ajiboye) who told her to “chase your dreams.. enjoy it and create wealth from it”

Tolu Simpson

Tolu Simpson, A student of Child Education, UNILAG said the best advice she has ever had is “Never let people tell you you can’t do something. You got a dream? you got to protect it. If you want something, get it”. She got it from the popular Will Smith’s movie ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ and it has been with her ever since.

Niyi Ishola

Niyi Ishola’s advice was given to him by his uncle who said “When you’re figuring out what to do with your life, I think it’s a mistake to first decide what you want to do and then move to best location to do that thing. Instead, pick the place where you really want to live and go there. Your career will work itself out wherever you go”.

Gbenga Adebayo, a cab man

Gbenga Adebayo, a cab man said the best advice he has gotten was “Ewure ti n je alubosa,oju ni i nkan; kini won yoo fi se”
(Translation: A goat that eats onions is just in a hurry, is that not the ingredient with which it will be cooked?) and it was from a fellow cab friend.

Chukwudi Onwumere, a photographer

He revealed the best advice he has gotten was “Run your race, don’t compare yourself with others”.  Although he can’t remember where he picked it up from, it has remained in his head ever since.

Cynthia Umezurike

Cynthia Umezurike said her mother told her “You have the power to make or break your destiny” and that has helped me own my life and be careful of the things I do and how I react.

So, what is the best advice you have ever received?

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