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#Opinion: Chocolate city sets an example others should follow

#Opinion: Chocolate city sets an example others should follow

Ezinne Osuagwu

When Audu Maikori, the former CEO of chocolate city stepped down, I didn’t think much of it, but after a discussion in the office, I realised that he had done something unique. Biko how many Nigerian business men will start up a business and hand over to his apprentice? Do I hear a resounding “NONE?” Exactly! Nigerians need to take a cue from Mr Audu and help the people who work with them to grow.

Bringing your children from home and abroad to run down a company you spent so much time to build only because you want to keep it in the family is the wisest decision a foolish man will make. Mr Audu, by handing over to MI and Ice prince, recognised and acknowleged the fact that, these men who he had groomed, are capable enough to not run it into the ground and will keep the torch burning even after he’s gone, not minding the fact that they aren’t his relatives.

He deserves a big KUDOS! For this and he has set a standard that no Nigerian business man will want to emulate, but one that every business man should learn from.