Snap out of it! This is NOT a cute picture.

Snap out of it! This is NOT a cute picture.

Joy Bewaji

This picture made its round on Facebook as the cutest, sweetest thing since slice bread. However, it is time to put it into perspective.

Snap out of it! This is NOT a cute picture.

This mother looks young, she is pursuing an education, then comes twins. It will be hard to convince anyone that this was planned out. The idea of having kids in the peak of youth, whilst still struggling to get a degree, is not how we envision our lives. But to be fair, half the things we get up to in life escape intense personal scrutiny. So the issue is not that she is doing this- studying yet taking care of very tiny babies with clearly no support in view; the issue is it is being celebrated as something that should inspire our children.

We have a culture of follow-follow, a culture that doesn’t question anything especially in areas of  marriage, childbirth and religion.

So we have pastors fucking members with “power enter, power enter” sermons all in a bid to get pregnant (I watched a video on that, it is as good as porn). Jesus has already been born, why go through tough humiliations just to have a child like 7billion others who already fill the earth, destroying mother nature…but I deviate.

When it comes to marriage, whether you have the brain of a toddler in the affairs of responsibilities or not,, the minute your erection is 4 inches long, the entire society begins to beat you down to join the rest of the world- GET MARRIED. When your breasts can conveniently hold a pencil underneath without dropping, and your buttocks can stretch out a t-shirt, you have to get married, regardless of your unpreparedness.

It is the same thing with childbirth. We thank God after successfully having unprotected sex and getting pregnant. Teenagers are playing the role of side chicks in the lives of deadbeat men/boys; young girls are getting pregnant and are clueless on how to match that with other more important needs.

Half the time, baby daddy is absent; mother is busy taking care of her own home and your siblings, father doesn’t want to get involved, friends come around and help you for one hour and then disappear into their own lives, society turns its back on you…

Then this happens- where you have to read (or write) for exams with two babies and a lean purse.

As we applaud her courage not to give up on her dreams despite the present situation, we should not forget to state the important message:


Let’s leave pregnancies for women and men who can afford to take care of children, who can dedicate hours or delegate some of those hours to the healthy upbringing of their kids.

It’s the same way I feel when Tuface and Annie are portrayed as the epitome of ‘happily married’. No, I’m sorry, the shit she went through (and I hear he too went through), are things we shouldn’t encourage our children to ever tolerate. Ask MayD’s baby mama, she’s got a different tale to share on eating bullshit all in the name of lust/love.

Again, I deviate. But you get my drift. No?

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