#Opinion: Be good; Be bad; The irony of a naija girl’s love life!

Yvonne Williams

Isn’t it funny how men expect a lady in the street and a freak in the sheets? I mean, growing up, we were taught how to eat, sit, talk, dress and behave just like an ideal lady would, so that our dear future husbands would adore and respect us but we were to snub those “rebellious dudes” who lingered in the streets looking for “vulnerable preys” to sleep with; basically we were brought up to be good women who end up with good men. This is the average life of every teenage girl.

Our social lives were kept under scrutiny so that we don’t end up with a tainted reputation, tarnishing their good image; oh, we made our parents proud when we didn’t have eyes for “things of the world”, yes we made them proud when we contented ourselves with little delights the comfort of our homes could offer; watching television or reading novels rather than running off with friends – “ Hmm, my daughter is such a good girl” – they seem to brag inwardly.

But alas! Their introverted baby girl is all grown up and ripe for marriage, ready to be scooped away by her Prince Charming, she’s been well trained for her wifely duties, and her wife material, is priceless!  But, he is nowhere to be found… ironically however, splashes of asoebi seem to be littered at her every turn as her “not-so-innocent” friends are being whisked away into marital bliss faster than she can blink!

Shocked, she looks upon her parents – her idols whose kind eyes and knowing smile has always been her one true support, but as her eyes meets theirs, she’s greeted with unmasked scorn as they forget, she’s a reflection of her upbringing –    an uptight introvert who had been locked up in her naïve little world.

Her parents who had encouraged her lonely lifestyle now desperately chant every minute; “wear some makeup, make your hair, go out more often instead of locking yourself up, don’t you have friends???…” So, she begins to make conscious effort to make herself “more approachable to the male folk” , then fate at last, smiles at her and she ties the knot.

But this is not how the story ends; opposite they say attracts, so she’s hooked to a former bad boy whose dream it was to marry a virgin (in theory that is) but he expects that his new bride would know all the tricks there is when it comes to sex – after all, he’s tried to change for her and compensate she must, fulfilling his every fantasy.

He is hit with a cold dose of reality as his bride seems to know nothing more than just spreading and lying down there, mopping at him! Irritated, he would ask – “ Didn’t your mum or friends teach you anything? Didn’t you at least read books?!!!…

Once again, the question arises – The good bad girl?   How feasible? Dear society, do you not contradict yourself? Where do we draw the line? Oh well, humans are insatiable, after all. Blame it on our appetite. Laughs…

Image Source: www.edentekgroup.com

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