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#Opinion: Nigerianness: You are not a true Nigerian if you don’t do these

#Opinion: Nigerianness: You are not a true Nigerian if you don’t do these

Iyene Etim

Happy Independent Day.

I am a full blooded Nigerian. The days I was not are not important.

The Nigerianness in me can drown a whale. Yeah! I mean that all the way.

Yes, we were taught British and wear Gucci but we talk Nigerian and prefer our afang.

Ehen! Let’s talk about our Nigerianness

True Nigerians always have Backup Plan.
extra shoe, two generators, Manuel blender, extra everything. We cannot come and shout! We have two cars and the telephone number of a cab, then another cab and a friend who can always call a cab… Dangote sells flour, Cement, Sugar and he wants to go into Arsenal. Ahn ahn!

True Nigerians have and endurance-e-go-beta-mentality
Ha! nobody can say we are lazy rara. We are goal getters, hustlers-in-chief, strong-lasting people.

True Nigerians cannot have more meat than food
For what? Are you a long throat? Parents would say meat does not “bellefull”

True Nigerians hear directly from the Lord
Be you Christian, Muslim, Ayelala, we are a religious people. We and the “God”, thats how we roll.

True Nigerians must blame somebody else
You do not do it? What are you waiting for? Thats why the word “team” was coined. Hehe

True Nigerians feel using left hand is a sign of disrepect
We do not want to judge but is just seeps out. “My “frien” use your right hand!”

Are you a True Nigerian? What is your Nigerianness? how do we stand out or stand off?

Happy Independence Day.