Nigeria returned to democracy in 1999 after many years of Military Rule. Since then, the Nation has been inundated with social, political, economic, tribal and ethnic vices which have, to say the least, overwhelmed her leaders. The power brokers have failed to proffer solution to the myriads of problems that have led us into social maladies, internal and external conflict and morals degenerations. The Nigeria case is that of a troubled Nation who elect to use troubled leaders to quell a troubled composition of different ethic groups that have nothing in common. In other words, Nigeria is in a marriage of inconveniences with her diverse compositions of ethic and tribal groups.

The sovereign state of Nigeria under the leadership of Muhammadu Buhari has come under diverse threat from several groups among which are the Niger Delta Avengers, the Movement of the Actualization of the State of Biafra (MASSOB) and the reckless killings of the Fulani Herds men.
The National question therefore is what do these group of agitators want?

First, the Niger Delta Avengers have made countless demands to the federal government among which are the development of the region, the emancipation of the citizens and the release of some Nigerians from detention. It is on record that the Yar’adua Administration created the Amnesty programme that saw through the empowerment of some militants in the region and this programme was retained by the Goodluck Jonathan administration until the current government was elected into power. Though the amnesty had a duration period it was stopped abruptly by the Muhammadu Buhari’s government with no further plan to sustain the restive youths in the region. This gave birth to the Avengers, who in recent times have demostrated violence in monumental proportion; blowing up pipe-line facilities worth billions of dollars. This level of violence has further generated massive pollution in the region and the adverse effect of that leaves the region and the people hostile and the entire country in tension.

These activities of the Avengers is a threat to the ecosystem. Already there is a shot fall in the production capacity of crude oil in Nigeria due to the disruptions and violence perpetrated at the region by the Avengers. Also, the wide spread environmental pollution caused from same have become a serious challenge to human health in the region. Aquatic life is almost forced into extinction, pollution has caused deforestation coupled with the trending effect of global warming in the stratosphere. Human life is terribly disturbed; Women, children and men contract diseases that remains unknown to human medicine from polluted waters.

The recent spike of cancer and growing maternal mortality rate is an offshoot of the environmental pollution and degredation of the ecosystem.

The operation of the MASSOB is equally traced to the deficit of competent leadership in the political class over the years. This agitation for the actualization of Biafra had a history of gross tragedy that saw the death of millions of Nigerians during the civil war.

The ideology that instigated the war still lingers because the Nigeria system left an inchoate solution to the contempt called segregation on the region to this day. The inhabitants of the eastern part of Nigeria still see the region as a rejected one that has not witnessed the windfall of political, economic and social development and in her geographic space. This perception is not just peculiar to the Eastern region but to virtually every area of Nigeria. There are agitations everywhere because of the deficits in leadership.

The recent threat on security in the Northern region perpetrated by the insurgence is equally another extremist ideology promoted by political players to drought the Nigerian space into continuous hostilities so that their clandestine agenda can take its full course on the citizens. Their agitation is geared towards the expulsion of Western Education which they consider forbidden. They make demands that are unpracticable by all standard, and in the process they have killed millions of Nigerians to gian and advance a negative course that has ruined the economic functions of the country. The terroristic acts have led many investors away from Nigeria and the negative impact of their activities keep making news all over the world.

Recently, the Fulani Herdsmen engaged their host communities in battle while grazing their cattles. They killed and are still killing millions of villagers and no statement has been made by the Government of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria to this effect. The killings were carried out with reckless abandonment and a raving impunity such that one is left in surprise. One cannot figure out their demands this time and the federal government has not made any effort to quell this tedencies that have been made to fester uncontrollably.

It must be stated that the federal government must engage every region of this country to find lasting solution to the problems militating against our corporate existence. It is unmethodical to lead any state without putting the equal component units in drive to achieve maximum result.

The resources of this nation must be allocated bearing in mind that the vast deposit of certain mineral resources are concentrated in certain regions such that they will give more revenue to these areas by way of compensation for the degeneration of their land and waters. No nation can overlook this sensitive factor and find peace in the process of governance.
The regions agitating for cessation should be allowed a referendum so that the people’s choice and action can form the driving force for their future endeavors.

The right of a people to stay together or break apart is sole the exclusively perogative of the majority of people at the region. Therefore through a referendum, the majority can determine the course or direction of their aspiration in life.

Conclusively, the political leaders must develop capacity to lead effectively to enable Nigeria restore her glory and pride in the spatial space of African and the world at large.

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