Is Love a winner in Tiwa/Teebillz reconciliation or is society a bully?

Is Love a winner in Tiwa/Teebillz reconciliation or is society a bully?


By Bimbola Amao

“Tiwa misses Teebillz”
“Jamal is growing older”
“Jamal needs a father figure”
“Marriage is for better for worse”

A typical African woman is wired for marriage. She desires it, a man whose ring she’ll flaunt even if she bought it for him, a man to be the crown on her Brazilian weaved head. The ones who claim indifference to marriage are simply not part of the norms, and I tell you, the Mrs-wannabe outweigh the “I-don’t-care” and the “miss-me-with-the-shit-you-call-marriage” groups. That’s why we keep buying the aso-ebi week after week.
So, after that dirty who-fights-better social media squabble between the celebrity couple, Tiwa and Teebillz, I knew it was just a matter of time before they step out together.
A matter of time because Tiwa’s mom would forgive whatever slander Teebillz threw at her. That’s what (African) moms do; they forgive their sons-in-law of every offence, no matter how grave. They can’t be the reason for a divorce/separation. They can’t be the reason the girl didn’t go back to her ‘chosen place’. They also can’t stand the shame of their girl now being second-hand wife material.

A matter of time because Tiwa/Teebillz possibly had no pastor to help them. Teebillz ended up at the desk of one of Lagos topmost psychotherapist. There was no pastor to tell Tiwa to embrace the shittyness of Mr Balogun because “a wise woman builds her home”. And Mr Balogun got some help with his demons, they said.

It was just going to be a matter of time before the pop queen decides to give her marriage a second chance because love keeps no record of wrongs, including cheating, thefts or even slanders.

Besides, what are we saying? Jamal needs a father.

Reconciliation is on top gear, the couple were spotted at Stephanie Coker and Olumide Adenirokun’s wedding last month. They were at Funke Akindele and JJC’s house warming party just last week. Can we just clap and usher in the new Mr and Mrs Balogun?

I hope Teebillz completed his therapy sessions. I hope the therapist is on retainership. I hope he will pick his bills and not pass it anymore to the Mrs. I hope he will keep a clear head or even become a teetotaler.

And this second chance, Mrs Balogun needs to constantly ask “have you eaten?” , cook for him, be part of the edible things in the home too. Also, stop keeping male friends, you can’t be hanging around Don Jazzy or Dr Sid all the time. Married women keep married (women) friends .

Now, you may kiss the groom again.

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