#Opinion: The abduction of students and staff of Nigerian Turkish International School

#Opinion: The abduction of students and staff of Nigerian Turkish International School


It happened on Friday, students and members of staff of Nigerian-Turkish school in Isheri, Ogun state were kidnapped. The kidnappers jumped the fence with guns and went straight for the girls’ hostel, seizing a hostel mistress and up to 5 students.

For a chunk of years, the woes of kidnapping echo from the North to the South and to every corner of Nigeria; when can we put an end to the barefaced kidnapping spree? How do we protect our children from harm? It has become some kind of fad because not many numbers are charged or imprisoned.

A school is supposed to be a safe haven for children, yet Chibok happened within the walls of a school. It’s been more than 1000 days, yet no major arrest to curb the appetite of potential abductors. Here we are with another case. Students may be raped and violated before the sloth of our security system and agencies get to them. How can we repair our nation if we cannot send a child to school and give adequate security?

There’s been an appeal from the Ogun state government for children to remain in school. I laugh in Spanish! How do we convince parents to trust a government that fail repeatedly even in very uncomplicated matters?

Anyways, the deputy governor, Mrs. Onanuga, while addressing parents, ‎said the government was taking urgent steps to provide security and to ensure the safe rescue of the victims.

“Our government has put necessary security measure in place for the rescue of the abductees. Ogun State is already in action. Let me reassure you that we are going to rescue the victims soon. Federal Government is aware of this, we have just got in contact with Abuja,” she said.

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