Dear Foolish Nigerian

Dear Foolish Nigerian


By James Ogunjimi

TuFace has called off the protest, or at least distanced himself from it. You say he’s a coward. You say he no chop liver. You said he’s been paid.

The same you never supported the protest. The same you took to Facebook, twitter and instagram to tear down the protest. The same you threw banters on the comment section of Linda Ikeji Blog and Nairaland insulting the hell out of everyone who supported TuFace and the protest. The same you shared the hate messages posted by the Professor and Blackface all in an attempt to discredit the protest before it held at all. Yet Tuface called it off and you are today fighting.

I am convinced, dear foolish Nigerian, that you deserve every suffering and inhumanity that this nation has visited on you from 1960 till date. I am convinced that you deserve every leader you’ve ever gotten. I am convinced that you deserve leaders who’ll screw you over for eight years, leave you bleeding and hand you over to their protege to continue the process of violation. I am convinced that no one in their right senses should ever try to rescue you because you do not deserve rescue.

I support Tuface’s decision to call off the protest. The man is comfortable. The recession will clear half the country before it gets to him. He has no reason to cry out. If because he tried to feel the pains of the ordinary Nigerian, he tried to participate in a protest and the same you that he tried to save from Nigeria’s deadly clutches decide to call him names, I support his decision to handoff. No one should die for an ungrateful wretch like you. Festus Iyayi was right after all, “Those who carry the cross for society end up getting crucified on that cross.”

Tuface has every right to lead a protest. During the last election, when all artists were singing for politicians, Tuface started the #Electionnobewar campaign to preach against electoral violence. You didn’t hold Olamide responsible for singing for Buhari during the election. You have not held wizkid responsible for the number of times he has mentioned politicians in his songs. But you want to crucify Tuface for collecting wedding gift.

When all the noise about the cancelled protest dies down, Tuface will return to making music. The professor who convinced you that Tuface having six children from six mothers is a crime will collect his salary. Blackface will return to his life of hate and darkness. The APC e-rats that were unleashed into the social media space to convince you that the protest is an APC versus PDP thing will go back to their bosses to collect their share of the 180 million budgeted for social media propaganda and you, foolish Nigerian will still be where you are, prowling, jumping from Linda Ikeji Blog to Nairaland to Sahara Reporters comment section looking for who to project your hate on.

Dear foolish Nigerian, I wish I could wish you all the best but I cannot wish you something you don’t wish yourself. I hope that one day, your eyes will open to see how much you have and will still suffer for categorising everything as PDP versus APC, North versus South. I hope that someday you realise how foolish you’ve been and I hope that your children do better than you.

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