Church isn’t scandal proof, your pastor isn’t sin-proof – Ask questions!

Church isn’t scandal proof, your pastor isn’t sin-proof – Ask questions!


By Abimbola Amao

These days, there are more clergy men than the laity. The revered calling is not as distasteful as it used to be, clergies now drive the best of beasts and are decked up in the best of designers, women juggle over themselves now to be First lady of  every Thunder-Fire-Dem ministry. It’s okay, God pays well, we can’t argue that.

I love God, Nigerians love God or we claim to. We appear in church for different reasons, for some the atmosphere is therapeutic; their souls get lifted, their burdens are gone, they have respite and can survive another few days before coming back for a recharge. For some it’s another social gathering and for some a place to just kill’em and let them know who is who of the pepper dem gang. It’s Okay, church is for all.

Since the days of Jesus, women have led the pack in being followers. On this, the sisters won. One of the theories for men absenteeism in worship centres is that men are naturally self-reliant, headstrong, and proud, and are therefore naturally more resistant to the divine call to humility and submission.

Men hate to admit weakness or neediness, so they do not care so much about anything that points to their neediness. But the women who show up, show up too needy and too vulnerable. When you read of church scandals and exploitation, men can count their losses on a finger when the sisters would have counted 100 cases.

Church isn’t scandal proof, your pastor isn’t sin-proof also. So dump your dumb emotions and blind trust and be smart. This Christianity that asks no questions, judges no one, processes nothing  is not the Christ model. It is the tyrant model or the maga model.  Ask questions, even Jesus was asked hard questions.

Do you know that a man can be anointed and still be given to anger, greed, or be randy? The anointing doesn’t cover up for character issues, but I am not here to preach that sermon now. The sermon for today is use your head.

Do not follow your man of God to the other room, hotel room or any room alone. Sexual assault shouldn’t be part of your church experience.

Nothing is wrong with you that needs a sexual deliverance. There is nothing like sexual deliverance, a man’s penis has no power to deliver any other thing than cum. Did he say you have a spirit husband? And you did believe him when he said sex with him will make the spirit husband vex and leave you? Hey God! What is wrong with you, slap yourself twice and go buy yourself a bible in your most understood language and read for yourself.

There is no anointing for your vagina. The vagina only uses lubricant, if a man of God wants to anoint you down there so you can be cured of loneliness, bad marriage or husbandlessness, dude just wants to put the Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the ease of his own phallus passage.

The man of God’s sperm doesn’t cure infertility. Whether he sleeps with you on his king size bed, church floor, inner chambers, rocky mountain or the graveyard. You will only get pregnant for him if your oga had issues with his sperm but if not, Man Of God just added you to his konko-below list. Or if he isn’t just randy but also fetish, you have just entered one chance.

Your pastor cannot bathe you. Even the great prophet Elisha told Naman to go and bathe himself in the river. The power prophet didn’t follow him. But now your  pastor wants to bath you. He will scrub the hands of the devil off your body by putting his filthy hands on your boobs, caressing it and washing your backside. You have just been scammed.

There are many ways of healing and deliverances, the easiest is word of commands. But the pastor has to put his hands into your blouse to cast out something from your breast, and you shut your eyes while he fondles you to ejaculation. Demons don’t live in the breast, sis.  Open your eyes and slap his hands hard.

Peradventure he is married, plus you are not the only side chic, your case is different. You are not playing with hell fire but earth fire because that anointing that didn’t cure him of promiscuity  will not stop any and every sexual transmitted infections. And when he finally remembers that your honey pot isn’t sweet enough to make him forgo all the privileges of being a man of god and general overseer, he will dump your fat ass and the church sisters will throw you out, because you are the devil. Not the man of god.

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