‘Banana Island Ghost’ Movie Premiere: An Exquisite Affair

‘Banana Island Ghost’ Movie Premiere: An Exquisite Affair

Titilayo Olurin

The fresh sweetness of fruit flavoured cocktails tickling my taste buds, listening to absolutely delightful music, and watching celebrities strut the yellow carpet in colourful outfits were my highlights of the ‘Banana Island Ghost’ movie premiere.

Exquisite, tasteful, and elegant, the event, which held at the Harbour Point, Victoria Island, Lagos, on Sunday, 23rd of July, provided enough comfort and excitement to last the entire evening. Even as I write this, I am undecided about what I found more satisfying: the strawberry and grape flavours of the J.C. LeRoux cocktails I sipped -okay, well, greedily gulped – or the banana and vanilla flavours of the Cold Stone Ice Cream I savoured.

I also found the services of the warm and friendly waiters, smartly dressed in white shirts and black pants, impressive. While we waited at the reception area of the venue as celebrities and invited guests posed for photographs and fielded questions from the press, these waiters courteously attended to us. I was particularly impressed with the way they patiently responded to me even when I had a thousand and one questions to ask about the cocktails.

The lounge, which we all proceeded to when it was almost time for the movie to start showing, had a cool, comfortable, and serene atmosphere with a certain elegance that can be best explained by only those present. The comfortable seats, the ethereal whiteness of the walls and the extremely beautiful hall decoration added to its elegance. Oh, how can I forget to add that there was a casino of sorts in this lounge, too.

There was also so much to eat and drink here and the foodie in me got very excited. Cold Stone Creamery, Amstel Malta, and a few other sponsors of the event offered their goods and services to all the guests and made them comfortable. I thoroughly enjoyed the music playing at the background, while people talked and a few others danced. The professional dancers, whose costumes were reminiscent of Fela and his dancers, were also fun to watch as they moved to the rhythm of the music.

At the cozy hall where we watched the movie, ‘Banana Island Ghost’, we were made comfortable and served more drinks and popcorn. The Executive Producer, Biola Alabi, thanked sponsors, guests, celebrities, and others for their contribution to the event.

While introducing the movie, she urged everyone in the audience to support Nollywood actors as well as the Nigerian movie industry at large.

She also spoke highly of the movie thus, “Today, we are delivering to you something different, something unique, something we believe will go down as making a contribution to the film industry.”

Photo Credit: King Solomon Ekhaiyeme

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