What People Had to Say About SME Anatomy 2017

What People Had to Say About SME Anatomy 2017

Yusuf Busari

The first edition of Happenings Media SME Anatomy, a conference that provides ideas, insights and inspiration to help people, businesses and small scale business owners, held on the 3rd of August, 2017, at Colonades Hotel, Ikoyi, Lagos.

The event, which featured keynote addresses and panels, was an avenue for entrepreneurs to pitch their services and products to the audience. It was also a networking and interactive session for the entrepreneurs.

At the end of the event, the attendees shared their opinions.

Femi Ogunbanjo

“It was awesome, great and worthwhile. I am really glad that I have the opportunity to be here. The speakers really shed light to many questions dancing in my head about starting a business”.

Elizabeth Usen, Entrepreneur with a day job

“I have three categories of stuff I have written on my notepad as a result of the SME Anatomy conference. Some questions I asked were answered adequately and others I need to ponder on and answer for myself”. I learnt that there are some things I have to change and take action on as soon as possible especially social media perception. I am so glad I got to attend this conference. It is an investment that was worth it. I guess the universe put things in place for you when you are ready. This was one of them. The atmosphere was conducive, the facilitators were just amazing and professional as they were diverse. Amazing!! Amazing!!!”.

Benita Iseriehen, Nitaz Cakes

“It was an insightful programme. I loved the fact that the speakers were open and down to earth. I was able to connect with potential clients while networking”.

Orah Chinedu

“It was a very good and impactful conference. I heard about it barely a day ago and told myself with the caliber of speakers, I must attend though I will urge the organizers to create more awareness for the next edition”.

Courage Ngele, CEO, Wine House Nigeria

The SME Anatomy conference was a spirit lifting event that came at the right time. It was not only enlightening but was filled with great insights and business growth talks and to think that it’s free is simply heavenly. This should be done at least twice in a year”.

Paul Udogwu

“Thank you for organizing this conference. All the sessions were amazing. Excellent organization!”.

Samuel Ojada, Dj and Web designer

“The event was awesome and my take is for business owners to attend more of this in order to get educated”.

Lamead Bolanle, Bayshade clothings

“This is the first free business conference I have attended and I have gained so much knowledge. The paid-for conferences I have gone for are no way comparable to this. I am very grateful for this opportunity”.

Mbalisike Franklin, Potential entrepreneur

“I am very elated to have attended the SME Anatomy. I came simply to meet with my Facebook friend, Itohan Ferguson and honor the invitation at the same time but attending his conference has given me the opportunity to garner a lot of useful knowledge. I am very grateful to Happenings Media for organizing this event. Keep up the good work”.

Vera Chidera

“Several things appealed to me. First the event was well planned and the panelist did justice to the questions thrown at them. Secondly, the various sessions were revealing and informative. Sessions like this is what current SME’s in Nigeria need at the moment to help curtail blind startups in the industry. It is not easy to start up a business like this but attending this conference and tapping from the knowledge of the panelist will make it at least easy. Finally, I really am glad I was a part of this event because I met my long time woman crush, Joy Isi Bewaji, who did a good job putting it all together. Thank you Joy, Thank you Happenings Media”.

Jennifer Amarhame, CEO, Dazzle fresh Nigeria

“The event was awesome. It was very informative session with the panelists giving solutions to challenges faced by SME’s. It was very timely to be honest as the economy is in a period of turbulence and the need to be productive as well as creating profit is very needed. I loved third session, especially the part that had to do with multitasking. All in all, very good event”.

Segun Adelaja, Serial Entrepreneur

“Aside from being a speaker in one of the sessions, I came to learn a few things and I must say I learnt a lot. I would love to be more involved in the next one”.

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