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Big Brother Naija

Why Auditioning For Big Brother Naija is a Bad Idea (Opinion)

Nigerian youths put themselves in harm’s way to get a shot at stardom

Itohan Ferguson

The news on everybody’s lips is the Big Brother Naija Audition which took place on the 1st and 2nd of February, 2019 in select parts of Nigeria.

Call it writer’s curiosity but I attended the Big Brother Naija Audition at D’Podium International event centre in Lagos.

A prevalent emotion among the teeming throng of Nigerian youths was the mixture of hope and despair. Hope that they may get picked as participants on one of the biggest stage in Nigeria.

Despair at the cloying presence of poverty many are fighting to escape from,

It is for these reasons that many young people almost got themselves killed scaling the formidable walls of D’Podium event centre to get into the premises to be auditioned.

Lets not get started on the fainting spells from exhausted ‘auditionees’, phones where stolen, clothes torn. A female even lost her bra in the BBN hullabaloo.

Seeing the accompanying chaos at the audition, I have concluded that it is a bad idea to participate in an exercise that may be fruitless, considering that the odds of getting picked is practically impossible.

Even worse, there are rumours albeit unverified that to get a place in Big Brother Naija, as a housemate, you must have a long and well-connected arm above.

According to these nay- sayers, Big Brother Naija never picks its contestants off the streets.

Remember that the organisers of this TV show are not just airing this reality TV for your viewing pleasure, they are all about making money.

Thus it will be unlikely they would pick a random person off the street, who may not give the much needed entertainment to millions of Nigerian viewers.

In a conversation with an ‘auditionee’ who prefers to stay anonymous, at the Lagos venue, she said this would be her second time auditioning and while she went really far in the selection process last year, she was not picked.

She went further to reveal to Happenings that she is auditioning again because she saw it as her chance to ‘blow’.

Another ‘auditionee’ said “my friend was picked in the ‘See Gobe’ audition but they told him how to act and they let him know that they expect a percentage of his winnings if he came out victorious” (paraphrased).

Clearly Big Brother Naija is a stringently scripted show and its players are closely monitored pawns. Thus picking a random ‘anybody’ off the street is too much of a wild card for show organisers.

It says plenty about our government when young Nigerians look to a TV show as the only way out of poverty, rather than through a working government.

The hustle is indeed real!

If you cannot wait for the show to begin, trust Happenings to keep you posted.

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