Adesua Etomi’s Vogue cover
Adesua Etomi’s Vogue cover

Tosin Silver’s Criticism Of Adesua Etomi’s Vogue Cover Is The Truth (Opinion)

What do you think about Tosin Silver’s criticism of Adesua Etomi’s Vogue Magazine cover? We agree with him, but before you have our head rolling, read to know why!

Pearl Emmanuel

Award-winning actress, Adesua Etomi, recently graced the cover of Vogue Magazine alongside Scarlett Johansson and other top actresses from 12 countries.

The interview was meant to be light and fun, as demonstrated by the other actresses. But Adesua seemed rigid and not as excited as the others.

Adesua Etomi
Adesua Etomi

After blogger, Tosin Silverdam, pointed out all the things wrong with the magazine cover, many were quick to tag him a hater.

Truth is, his opinion was perhaps the same thing many were thinking but were probably too scared to voice out. Videos of Adesua’s Vogue cover shoot which have been circulating the Internet for the past few days are disappointing.

She seemed too serious with her answers and many of them were quite vague. She also looked odd and darker than her usual self, something many failed to point out because they were busy jumping on the bandwagon of those showering praises on the actress.

If Vogue had wanted a darker actress from Nollywood, they should have gone ahead to pick from the array of dark beauties rather than tampering with Adesua’s clear skin colour with dark makeup. It totally came out wrong. She looked out of place and nothing like a star.

Still, we can’t help but say congratulations are in order to this beautiful actress.

Tosin Silverdam
Tosin Silverdam

In his lengthy post, Tosin also addressed the fact that Adesua was the wrong choice from Nollywood for the cover, as she is oblivious to the history of this industry and might not understand some things.

Read what he wrote below:

Honestly, I am not surprised this @adesuaetomi’s vogue magazine cover didn’t the break the internet. Although, this is a great feat and deserve somewhat celebration but sincerely speaking, this cover is quite disappointing. I’m not a hater, she looks like a slave on this cover. She looks so inferior compared to the other ladies on the cover, what did they do to her skin tone? She looks so bad and almost unrecognizable, when I first saw the cover, I didn’t even know she’s the one. @adesuaetomi is extremely beautiful but then again, she looks so odd and more like a slave to the other girls. She should have complained about the cover, this is not impressive at all. No wonder it didn’t break the internet. Anyway, some argued she doesn’t deserve this space, oh well, also the magazine regarded her as one of the biggest actresses in Africa. Seriously? Well, the likes of @genevievennaji, @realomosexy @ritadominic or even @funkejenifaakindele are veterans and they are too big for this type of cover, especially sharing space with other actresses. I would be disappointed if any of these big actresses accept this offer. But come to think of it, if @genevievennaji is actually on this cover, damn those melanin will be popping out gracefully.

Tosin has since apologized for his criticism.

What are your thoughts? Do you share his sentiments or not?

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