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Why Dremo’s Concern Over The State Of Third Mainland Bridge Is Not Unfounded (Opinion)

The Third Mainland Bridge was closed down last year for routine maintenance, but with artiste Dremo’s new video, it seems the maintenance has done nothing to improve the condition of the bridge.

Pearl Emmanuel

If you live in Lagos or if you ever visited and passed through the Third Mainland Bridge, you'd notice that it shakes when cars are parked during traffic.

The Third Mainland Bridge is the second longest bridge in Africa after the 6th October Bridge of Cairo. It is the major bridge linking people from the mainland to the island and vice versa. According to the last survey carried out in 2002, the Third Mainland Bridge accommodates about 180, 000 vehicles in 12 hours daily.

Commuters have complained bitterly about the vibration and visible cracks on the bridge, which officials closed down for sometime with claims of fixing it. But the cracks have remained, even after the maintenance routine the government officials claimed to have carried out on the bridge.

Artiste, Dremo, took the pains to stop on the bridge to make a video of its continuous dilapidation. He also tagged the current Governor of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode, and the incoming governor, Sanwo-olu. He also tagged the president and his vice to take note of the bridge before it causes major harm.