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Chris Attoh and wife, Bettie Jennifer 
Chris Attoh and wife, Bettie Jennifer 

Chris Attoh: Should He Be Considered A Suspect? (Opinion)

Kevin David

Kevin David

Ghanaian actor Chris attoh's new wife was recently murdered in the US after seven months of marriage. Chris had better have a good alibi as he would be the prime suspect, sources say.

Before now, it was noticed that he had deleted all her pictures from his Instagram account, prompting rumours about their relationship heading south.

Sources say his unstable relationship so far with women has had people giving their opinions on how he seems to have a suspicious attitude towards women. Is he looking to profit from the murdered wife's life insurance policy? Is he the type of man who expects a lady to cater to his needs because he is hot and from Ghana where it is said that the women pay "groom's price"?

There are so many questions waiting to be answered as events unfold in the coming days.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond, Damilola could be having the last laugh, telling her current partner (whoever it is) about the good, bad and ugly sides of the actor, or who knows? She could probably be mourning with him as we speak. Either way, she is out of the picture .

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