Bishop Umoh’s Joke About Rape Is A Failed Attempt At Comedy (Opinion)

Bishop Umoh’s Joke About Rape Is A Failed Attempt At Comedy (Opinion)

Actor and comedian Bishop Umoh’s defence of the heinous act of rape perpetrated by policemen in Abuja on women accused of prostitution is despicable to say the least.

Rejoice Obike

Bishop Umoh a.k.a Okon Lagos has defended the heinous act perpetrated on the women accused of prostitution by Abuja policemen on his Instagram page.

A few days after the viral raid in clubs and the unlawful arrest of women accused of prostitution, some women championed a protest, with hashtags like “Sex for bail is rape” trending for days. Yet, Bishop Umoh ‘Okon Lagos’ finds it funny and wants to diminish the efforts of these women seeking justice for the unlawful act.

In his video, which he shared on Instagram, he claims the women were prostitutes and all the policemen did was take their product without paying. In his caption he wrote:

“Both are criminal acts but different, rape and theft. There is a little of one in another.”

Honestly, I find comedy in Nigeria, to be both unintelligent and ignorant. I never have been inclined towards any of our comedies; either they are sexist or promoting a rape culture. It is always distasteful at best. Celebrities should know when to draw the line between being stupid and hateful.

Prostitutes have the right to their bodies. It doesn’t matter whether they earn a living with their bodies or not, when a women has not consented to sex, then it is rape.

Rape is the worst form of violation. I have seen rape victims who get traumatised, and end up never being same again. Rape jokes are disgusting, they are never funny.

Dear Okon and Co, stop telling rape jokes, and dehumanizing women in the worst possible way. Resist ignorance.

I write this for men like Okon, and for the ones egging him on. Not only is this hardly hilarious, it is vile and hateful.

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