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Was Iceberg Slim Sincere About His Public Apology To Juliet Ibrahim? (Opinion)

Pearl Emmanuel

In a recent interview, Iceberg Slim claimed he was sorry and that was why he made a public apology to Juliet Ibrahim on Instagram.

When asked about his latest single, 'Way Up', which he released just before putting out his public apology, he explained that the song told a story of an insecure man who took his relationship for granted.

The song seems to explain Iceberg's situation with Juliet Ibrahim, having a curvaceous lady wanted by many but unappreciated by the one she chose.

Iceberg, however, refuted claims that the apology was done for publicity stunt. But when asked why he didn't apologise in person and in private to the woman he deeply hurt, he suddenly became dumbfounded and only recovered a few minutes later with a nervous laughter before going silent.

Iceberg could not set aside his pride to apologise to the actress but instead decided to capitalise on the recent spotlight on her to drive traffic to his new song.

A source revealed that, though Juliet was a clingy lover, she did a lot to favour Iceberg and help push his career, unlike other women the Osun born artist had ever enjoyed.

According to Iceberg, he has evolved and the loss of his relationship dawning on him influenced his decision to publicly apologise to Juliet Ibrahim.

Juliet is not bothered about his apology, as she claims it came too late and she is quite happy people get to see Iceberg for who he truly is.

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