Will Hanging Shoes On a Wall Put an End to Domestic Violence? (Opinion)

Will Hanging Shoes On a Wall Put an End to Domestic Violence? (Opinion)

Eludoyin Oluwanisola

It was touching news on the global space when an art work depicting the death of 440 women killed by domestic violence in Turkey went viral.

The jarring art work was initiated by Artist Vahit Tuna on the wall of two buildings in Istanbul, Turkey.

However we must ask a rather pertinent question, will such an art work put an end to this evil plaguing most marriages today.

Bear in mind that domestic violence is not an affliction only women suffer, men also suffer from it, even worse, theirs is shrouded in secrecy and shame.

In the work of art, each pair of the 440 shoes hung on the wall signified a woman who lost her life in the face of such evil.

Beyond just a piece of art hanging on the wall, domestic violence thrives because of the culture of secrecy and violence; which is supported by family, friends, religious groups etc.

It is not enough to make a glorified tomb, speaking against domestic violence as passers-by will observe a moment of silence, take photos and go on with their lives.

In a country like Turkey domestic violence is perpetrated publicly as is the case of a resident whose husband killed her in a cafe.

Furthermore it is also a tradition in Turkey to hang the shoes of the dead. Nevertheless, is hanging the shoes of domestic violence victims enough?

What can be done to stop this evil with far-reaching consequences?

It is stricter rules against Domestic violence. It is destroying the culture of silence and secrecy against victims of Domestic violence.

It is witnesses speaking out and taking a stand against it.

Only then will this come to an end.

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