Nigeria Is Not Yet 59 (Opinion)

Nigeria Is Not Yet 59 (Opinion)

Nigeria, the giant of Africa, the home of agriculture, the land of peace and unity, is not 59 yet.

Eludoyin Oluwanisola

After Nigeria gained independence, only trivial things such as celebrating anniversaries of freedom from colonialism, ethnic clashes and religious idiosyncrasies have been placed as priorities.

Fifty nine years is not a joke. Fruits ought to have been borne, riped and harvested. The nation ought to be flourishing but depressingly, she is still a toddler.

Unemployment, poverty, ignorance, insufficient food, bad roads, corruption and lack of power supply are the order of the day. Due to the ineffective birth control policy, more children are born into all these.

Sadly, the lyrics of Fela Kuti's songs, the music legend, are beginning to sound real and depict the country's situation.

What happened to Africa's giant?

There is hardly anything to boast of in the economy. Our own natural resources are imported and canonized by us. Nigeria is ranked number 55 among the countries in the world with a gross domestic price (GDP) of $6,098 which is demeaning for a country that has rich soil, crude oil and many natural resources.

Our power supply should be worked on. Enough megawatts should be provided. The border on importation is a good one. Local foods should be feasted on while the money for imports should be diverted to other sectors like the agricultural sector. Implements should be provided, thereby creating more employment opportunities.

The oil sector should also not be neglected. Many refineries are needed in the country.

Channelling of revenue into diverse sectors is what is demanded now. The future looks bleak without the implementation of the right policies. It is high time Nigeria stopped crawling. When this happens, the youth will not have their efforts exploited anymore, there will be less records of suicides and less records of emigration.

When Nigeria wakes up, implements necessary policies, the milk and honey will flow again.

Then, Nigeria will be 59.

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