Why Is There So Much Traffic Congestion In Lagos? (Opinion)

Eludoyin Oluwanisola

The centre of excellence, Lagos, has a disadvantage that has caused for innumerable people disappointment, anger and frustration. That disadvantage is traffic.

Lagos is a city that never sleeps, with hustling activities and bustle every day. Shows, parties, festivals and ceremonies are not spared too.

Lagos residents are made up mostly of people who came from villages and the outskirts in search of non-existent greener pastures. But they still have not returned. Some have started small scale businesses while some are doing odd jobs.

The immigrants came because of the myths surrounding 'being successful in Lagos', thereby causing over-population which in turn causes traffic congestion. Almost all residents in Lagos work outside their home. From the white collar persons to the traders to the drivers to school children to religious leaders. They all go out in the morning and return home at night.

The traffic congestion was perceived to be associated with bad roads and potholes, so roads have been attended to and some are still being attended to but creation of job opportunities by establishing and building companies, factories and firms in other states will do the trick.

Take Benue state for instance. It is acclaimed as the food basket of the nation because of its grown crops, yet its inhabitants move to Lagos. That is because there is a myopic view of the future in their land’s fortune.

Establishment of industries, farms and distributors' markets will create job opportunities for them and engage them.

Also, more educational institutions like universities, polytechnics and monotechnics should be established, courses accredited and available for dwellers in other states. That way, the population in Lagos will reduce. Lesser noise and traffic congestion will be the order of the day.

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