The Reign Of The Liquid Metal, Prophet Odumeje (Opinion)
Prophet Odumeje

The Reign Of The Liquid Metal, Prophet Odumeje (Opinion)

There is no doubt that Odumeje has been a source of entertainment to the Nigerian populace, but how long will his reign last?

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Situated in the bustling business city of Onitsha, in Anambra State, located in the Eastern part of Nigeria, Odumejeke aka the Liquid metal’s fame has gone global. I first heard about Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje from my friend in Nollywood. She told a tale of a man of God who was the pastor of celebrities in Asaba.

Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje and family

He came to limelight when actress, Rita Edochie, started sharing pictures of her pastor in action. Shortly afterwards, many noticed the similarities between this man of God and popular actor, Zubby Michael.

According to some people in Nollywood, the pastor and Zubby have been friends since childhood, but that’s not the crux of today’s issue.

The liquid metal, as the pastor is popularly called, became a sensation during the coronavirus outbreak when he threatened the virus, asking for its identity and source.

The pastor, for lack of better words, has been a source of entertainment to Nigerians helping us deal with the depressing, perilous times. It is no debate that Odumeje is quite the dancer and he knows how to use his voice with his ministerial band in church.

Some of Odumeje’s actions do not go down well with me, even with the funny videos and memes, which leave questions burning in my soul.

His chosen WWE theme song which ushers him into the pulpit. It seems like the pastor would have preferred to be a wrestling champ but since he could not achieve that, he had to settle for using the theme song which probably reminds him of what his future would have been.

Still on fulfilling his childhood dream of wrestling heavyweights, the man of God uses his deliverance sessions as time in the wrestling ring. We’ve seen how he throws his members on chairs after spinning them, giving them smackdowns and throwing them in the crowd. It’s almost like we’re watching John Cena and Undertaker fight and throw themselves outside the ring.

There’s also the question of ‘Is Odumeje on some hard drugs or aggressively being led by a powerful force, maybe the Holy Spirit?’ I saw a video where he jumped from the pulpit into the crowd and I really wondered what combination of ‘hard’ drugs the liquid metal must have taken? His strength is simply inhuman.

Also, there’s the case of excessive display of wealth and affluence in his church. It is beginning to look like a competition. There was this video where Odumeje was dancing and was surrounded by young men spraying him naira notes. I wondered if he was gunning to convert his church into a religious club of some sort.

We all know pastors are human, too, but Odumeje takes his own to a whole new level. The man of God is not perturbed by public opinion. He shares videos of himself in clubs, beer parlours, dancing to ‘secular’ songs and drinking alcohol with his actor PA, Jerry Amilo. I’m not one to judge but we are not accustomed to seeing these traits from clergymen.

The one which tops the chart is the video of Odumeje dancing to ‘One More Night’ by Peter Okoye (Mr. P) and Niniola in church on the pulpit.

Odumeje has given us reasons to laugh with his boldness and funny accent (R and L factor) but at the crux of it all, how is he propagating God’s word? He claims he wasn’t sent to preach love but is here for war. What kind of war is he fighting? The controversial clergyman is doing things which are like heresies to us and I’m beginning to wonder who will spring up next if he’s not curtailed or meant to be held accountable for his public display of warped Christianity?

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