9 Amazing Benefits of Oral Sex

9 Amazing Benefits of Oral Sex

Chuks Agbakuru

“Blow job,” “giving head,” “going down on,” “eating out,” “sucking,” “cunnilingus,” “rimming” … Oh please! Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about *Wink*.

Today, we’re going down and dirty guys and it’s all about oral sex. Hey, just in case you belong to the “no compromise gang”, here are 9  amazing reasons why you should join in:

Multiple Orgasms:

Sometimes less is more; who says you need to do all that pounding? Go down below and in no time you’ll be rocking her world like a champ. Oral sex and foreplay, that’s magic baby!


Let’s be honest here, exposing your whole “being” can leave you feeling vulnerable – Embrace it! This goes a long way to show you trust your partner you trust him/ her.

It gives him a great view of your voluptuous curves:

Ladies, there’s nothing more sexy to a man than looking down at those voluptuous curves while you’re “digging in”. Do the dip, flaunt those curves and when you’re done, there’ll be one hell of a steamy prize to pay.

Ups Your confidence:

Watching your partner go wild for you can leave you walking on the clouds, literally and it’s no exaggeration. Dude, if you’ve got an insecure partner just give a perfect view each time she’s doing the do and she would be walking on cloud nine in no time.

Makes you an great lover

Stop being selfish! So you love it when your partner goes down on you but it grosses you out to return the favour? If it’s beneath you to give head, then maybe you shouldn’t receive it either #JustSaying

Extends pleasure:

Hate to say it guys, but really a few penetrations and you’re done??? Oral sex helps love making last longer. Drive her crazy in bed and she’ll be lusting over you forever.

Anti Aging:

Semen on the face – Bring it on! Stop wasting tons of cash on endless anti aging creams. Unzip those trousers, give your man some TLC and watch your skin glow effortlessly –Fun, easy, affordable.

Decreases risk of breast cancer:

Well gulp it all ladies; give it all, get it all! Regular intake of semen decreases your risk of getting breast cancer. Stop killing his vibe and embrace your inner wild chick.

Helps your breathing

Experiencing shortness of breath? Oral sex is your go to source for a miracle as it helps create deep breathing.

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