#Opinion: Questions women in love ask – By Ucheoma Onwutuebe

Chuks Agbakuru

if it ends, have I failed?

Are his sparse calls a red flag? Is he really that busy?

Is it true, that the more knowledgeable you are, the less eligible you become? Should I give up my pursuit of knowledge to become more obtainable?

Is it bad…that he is Aunty’s husband?( Remember Aunty was very wicked to us when we lived with her, when she hurled us into boarding school, with just one set of provision for two girls to manage for a whole term. Dating her husband is my pound of flesh.) I know I’m just being vengeful but should I believe it when he says, he loves me more than he loves her? When he says I make him happier?

Was mummy wise when she hid her money from daddy and spent his willingly?

He asked me for a loan, should I give him? Is it good to give to a man?

How do I protect his ego? Do I lie to my friends that he was the one that bought me my Tokunbo car?

If it ends, have I failed?

Is it okay if it does not lead to anything more serious? Is it okay that this is only a way station, a place to halt awhile before I proceed to grander destinations?

When he cheats, what should I do? ( My boss said that each time he gets caught by his wife, she always sits him down and begs him to tell her her areas of deficiencies and things she can do to prevent him from straying. My boss said this always humbles him for a while…. before he gets on the prowl again.) Do you think this kind of dialogue works?

Is it true that when you sleep with someone, he becomes your spiritual husband? Is it true that you have 101 spiritual husbands?

Do you carry around the DNA of your first love?

Did it work, when you cooked him jollof rice with the water you washed between your legs with? Did he stop being a dog?

Is it true that men love bitches?

I want to hear his every conversation. Can you teach me how to tap his calls?

What if his side chic is finer than me?

What if his side chic is not even fine at all?

What do I say when I meet his side chic?

Why did you call me a fool at twenty- six when I told you that I was only enjoying the friendship, that I did not want to saddle it with the unnecessary hope of matrimony?

He removes the condom in the middle of sex, says he gets carried away, says that it is the only way he can come. Should I be worried? Pastor says, Be anxious for nothing. Should I tell him that I am not on pills and unprotected sex is too much hassle to handle now? Won’t that drive him away?

If I cook for him, does it make me desperate?

If I wash his clothes, would he be kinder?

How can I shine too? What were the strong reasons you brought forth before your man before he allowed you keep your daytime work?

Do I put my life on hold to be more attractive for him?

My cousin’s husband carries the baby in public. How did she get so lucky?

Should he drive my Tokunbo car?

If it ends, does that make me a failure?

How do I make love last?

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