Munachi Abii talks Valentine’s Day, beauty secrets and upcoming single

Munachi Abii talks Valentine’s Day, beauty secrets and upcoming single


Like an unspoken rule, beauty queens all over are expected to weave a career thread the crown has opened for them but for 2007 MBGN – Munachi Abii, she shot out of the box and has since pursued her passion rap music, a career she begun before her crown, and she’s damn good.

The Port Harcourt rap star, model and TV Host sat with Nneka Agbanusi after a photo shoot with the magazine as she spilled on her upcoming single, her ideal man, how she’ll spend Valentine’s Day and what she thinks about Nigeria’s political situation.

Happenings: Hi Muna how are you? Happy New Year and how was 2014?

Muna: 2014 was a good year, lots of learning, I’m still learning. It was a year of awakening, pretty much.

Happenings: But it seems like you went off the radar for a while

Muna: I didn’t go off any radar oh; I just decided to take time off to sort things out.

Happenings: After your reign as beauty queen, did you feel pressured to continue a career in the beauty industry?

Muna: Well, not necessarily pressure, the thing is, people expected me to be in a box. When you’re a beauty queen, they just expect you to do something along those lines. I did not feel pressured per say but I did not want to be put in a box, so I decided to do my own thing,

Happenings: You started your rap career as ‘Babyrella’ before you became a beauty queen; did rapping really kick off for you before MBGN 2007, why didn’t you pick off where you left off instead you rebranded to Muna?

Muna: I didn’t come to Lagos until after the beauty thing, If I didn’t contest I’ll probably still be in Port Harcourt

Happenings: So do you prefer living in Lagos or Port Harcourt?

Muna: it’s not like I prefer any one, Port Harcourt has always been my home; I’ll always love PH and go back from time to time. It’s not the same as before but I live here now.

Happenings: Any pipeline plans to drop a track soon?

Muna: Yeah actually, very soon; sometime in march actually. I’ll be dropping a single.

Happenings: Valentine’s Day is by the corner; guys are biting their nails and girls are busy building castles in the air in anticipation but we ask, who and how will Muna spend her Valentine?

Muna: I’ll probably be with my family

Happenings: so there is no special someone

Muna: there are many special people in my life

Happenings: how about our one special guy?

Muna: we’ll probably spend it together with my family

Happenings: that is soo cool. What is the best Valentine gift you’ve ever received?

Muna: uhmm! (Sighs), every day is like Valentines’ Day. You know he does nice things for you every day not just because it’s Valentine’s Day and every other day is something else. So I can’t say this one has topped that.

Happenings: so you guys won’t do anything different to spice up the day?

Muna: we’ll probably do something different like go ice skating.

Happenings: In Nigeria?

Muna: no now (Laughs), who is to say that I’ll be here on Valentine’s Day. We’ll probably do something nice, if we’re here, I don’t know.

Munachi Abi enjoys a chat with Happenings

Happenings: Muna so what is your guilty pleasure?

Muna: before recently, strawberry cheese cake

Happening; where do you get your cheese cake from?

Muna: I can make cheese cake actually.

Happening: so what other culinary expertise do you have?

Muna: I love to cook like everything. I don’t know how to cook Banga soup, I can do it but I’m not sure it’s perfect but when it comes to intercontinental, Asian food, I can cook. Like my Okra soup is the bomb, I can just open a shop for just okra soup and that is all I’ll sell.

Happenings: What are the three things you miss about keeping a low key profile, when you didn’t have fans stalking you to so see what you do next on social media?

Muna: here is the thing – back then there was no twitter, Instagram and stuff so I’m really missing anything and now the only thing I’ll say I miss is the right to speak my mind. The thing is that people are sensitive – the thing about being recognized is that, it doesn’t matter your intentions, it’ll be taken out of contest and used against you because people understand things differently. That’s just the one thing I miss; being able to say whatever the hell I want to say.

Happenings: lately, in the past 1-2 years, our female celebs are either getting engaged/married or showing off their baby bumps, any wedding bells soon?

Muna: I don’t know oh, let’s hope to GOD really.

Happenings: What attracts you to man?

Muna: Before I had the whole real picture, you now he has to be handsome and all of that, but now I think if you can just make me laugh, sense of humour is very big in my books

Happenings: Talking about valentine, general elections was moved to march, what’s your take on INEC’s decision?

Muna: I don’t do politics, at all.

Happenings: so you’re not voting?

Muna: actually, I don’t think I am.

Happenings: if you were to vote, who do you think is a better presidential candidate between Buhari and Goodluck Jonathan?

Muna: I really don’t know and I’ll tell you why. Everybody sits and they expect the president to do this and that, we don’t know if he’s trying. For all you know he allocates things for people to do but they don’t do it but it’s quite unfortunate that he’s the face that you see – easy lies the head that wears the crown, put another person there tomorrow, they’ll probably make the same mistake, so it’s going to take a while before we get a really good President

Happenings: Let’s leave all these talk of politics and move on. I couldn’t help but notice your clear and fresh skin, what beauty regiments do you follow?

Muna: I take a cold shower, I don’t do anything out of the ordinary because I’m very lazy but once in a while I may do like a honey and sugar face scrub. I don’t do much.

Happenings: it was really nice chatting with you Muna.

Muna: same here thank you.

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