Tosyn Bucknor
Tosyn Bucknor

Tosyn Bucknor Talks On Endless Love for Media and Match Making


A confirmed social media addict, TV and radio personality and alternate singer/song writer, Tosyn Bucknor clearly wears many hats but does it stop her from doing the things she loves? There’s no need to guess, caught up with the entertainment mogul  in a brief discussion as she dishes on her upcoming “Brunch With Tosyn” event on Saturday February 28, her penchant for matchmaking and subsequent plans for more fun with Tosyn.

Happenings: What influenced your organizing “Brunch with Tosyn”?

Tosyn: I have always had little hang outs even before radio, for everything from networking, to watching movies, to matchmaking. Yes, matchmaking. Do you know I’ve matchmade close to five happily married couples… With kids? Lol.
Brunch with Tosyn was taken from that. Just a simple Saturday with fun, food and networking!

Happenings:  You clearly have a large loyal following, what are your expectations on the event?

Tosyn: Well, honestly I am as comfortable with a large following on social media as I am with a smaller one. With more intimate settings, you get to know people better and relate easily.
I’m just looking forward to a simple, fun event.

Happenings: Who are your sponsors?

Tosyn: There are no sponsors for this one.

Happenings: Is this just a one-off event or it’s something you plan to propagate regularly?

Tosyn: There will be a Tosyn Bucknor event monthly so get ready. Book swaps, poetry nights, matchmaking events, movie dates, everything!

Happenings: How long have you been in the media and how has it generally been?

 Tosyn: Five years and it has been ex-ce-llent.

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