I’ve Always Liked The Idea Of Telling Stories – Lamide Akintobi

I’ve Always Liked The Idea Of Telling Stories – Lamide Akintobi


She’s a familiar face on Ebony Life’s ‘On The Spot’, but there’s more to Lamide Akintobi than discussing social media trends and making avid fans laugh – she has a dream; of telling Nigeria and Africa’s stories in documentaries. Lamide tells #Happenings Nneka Agbanusi her plans for future projects, her Production Company plus her simple but effective beauty regimen.

Happenings: Congrats on your recently launched website LamideLive.com. What inspired you to go into documentary production, what have you done and what are you working on?

Lamide: I’ve always liked the idea of telling stories, even though over the years it has taken different forms, with me working as a reporter and News-Anchor, among other things. It was while completing my Masters’ Degree in International Journalism at City University in London that I decided to start heading more in that direction, starting with my final project, which was a short documentary on Nigeria’s electricity issues and the Light Up Nigeria campaign. The website is my way of just making sure my professional footprint is out there, and I showcase my previous work as well as my ideas for future projects. I think there are so many stories to tell in Nigeria and in Africa, that it would be a shame to not make an attempt to share those stories across the world; that’s my major inspiration. Apart from some travel diaries which are on my YouTube channel and my website, I’ve also been part of documentary productions for NGOs and other independent companies on topics ranging from Athletics in Nigeria to Drug Addiction and Rehabilitation and Childhood Education. I recently started my production company, Onyx Productions, and I’m kicking off with a 13 episode documentary series that’s currently in pre-production.

Happenings: You started your media career as a news caster before becoming a lifestyle presenter and co-host; which is more fulfilling, news casting or being in the entertainment scene?

Lamide: I find that both are about communication, so they have that in common. I’m a journalist, and I see what I do now as an extension of my skills, not a complete deviation from them. The format is different, but I’m still sharing information. I enjoy both.

Happenings: Would you say being the daughter of Laolu Akins gave you an edge in the industry?

Not at all. He was a musician and is a producer, so my work in journalism, which is what I started with when I moved back to Nigeria, isn’t directly tied to him.

Happenings: What is your beauty routine?

Lamide: I don’t wear a lot of make-up when I’m not filming or attending an event, so it’s quite simple: Sunscreen, a little concealer and lip balm for a normal day running errands. For skincare, I use coconut oil as body lotion, and cleanse either with Dr. Murad Essential C cleanser or Oil cleanser from Whipped Goods. I also recently started using CookieSkin products by Leslie Okoye.

Happenings: As a young woman, what would you term as a fulfilling relationship?

Lamide: One that brings out the best in each person, one in which the good outweighs the bad, and one that encourages each person to strive harder for their goals.

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