“I squatted with a squatter”- Bovi

“I squatted with a squatter”- Bovi


Stand-up comedian Bovi is surely one of the top comedians we have in Nigeria. He has the profile to back it up to having worked with international acts such as Wyclef Jean and Ja Rule.

During a recent interview however, Bovi revealed that his sojourn to the top of the comedy circuit in Nigeria was far from simple. He mentioned that upon moving to Lagos, he squatted with an uncle who himself was squatting with a colleague.

He went on to reveal that after taking up comedy as his career, he was billed to perform at a big comedy show in 2008, but upon getting to the venue he was told that he was not on the bill and he was not allowed to perform despite begging. The heartbreaking experience he said moved him to tears.

Going further, he stated that he is thankful for having achieved the success he has achieved and he urged everyone aspiring to success to never give up. In his words, “One thing people fail to realise is that they can achieve fame from their passion. It doesn’t have to be entertainment. I was tenacious, I was steadfast, I was hopeful and I was focused and I think that is what they need.”

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