EXCLUSIVE: Up-close and personal with Selebobo

EXCLUSIVE: Up-close and personal with Selebobo


He may be younger than his colleagues in the industry but Tripple MG’s Oku Udoka aka Selebobo with his awesome vocal and producing gifts are the reason for his rising success.

In this interview – Selebobo, the brains behind “Johnny” sits with Happenings’ as he talks about his career as an artiste and a producer:

How did you start music professionally?

Selebobo: When I was little, in primary school, it’s kind of funny (laughs) but I grew up knowing that I can always go to a studio; my dad owned a studio – he still does. Every time I finish from school, he takes me to the studio before I go home, so that has been my life. I found myself playing with some of his instruments – he didn’t like it at first but I was stubborn, he eventually let me be. When I finished secondary school I decided to take it to the next level.

Is any of your siblings doing music too?

Selebobo: (Laughs) no, those ones didn’t get it.

Did you start out first as an artiste, producer or vice versa

Selebobo: I actually started out as both, because I was producing my songs. That’s how I started.

Generally, how has music influenced your life?

Selebobo: it has influenced me positively. Everything around me is about music and art. That’s the life I’m living, that is the life I chose.

You’ve produced for some artiste, what quality do you look for if you’re considering working with the artiste?

Selebobo: I look forward to uniqueness. It’s not about knowing how to sing, its having that commercial value in you, what you can sell to the people and they will like it. I like to work with talented people not just singers. I like to work with artists who understand what people like; this business we’re doing is all about understanding what people like because down here in Africa our music is different from what is practiced in other countries. The person must have something prolific.

What production would you say was your best?

Selebobo: well I’ve done a couple of works, one is my single “Oyoyo”, “Johnny” by Yemi Alade, “Ada Ada” by Flavour – I’m really proud of these works and more are coming.

You seem to enjoy working with Yemi Alade a lot, there seems to be some sort of chemistry between you two. Do you still have that chemistry outside the studio?

Selebobo: (laughs) actually, before I work with anybody there has to be a chemistry, if there is none, there is no way I can work for you.

What was it like working with Yemi Alade?

Selebobo: she’s a talented artiste, she has everything – that’s why I worked with her in the first place; she’s a good dancer, singer. She has all the qualities in an artiste that I like to work with.

You dropped the video to your single, “Selfie”, how did you come up with the concept?

Selebobo: Actually, that was shot by Matt Max and it’s one of the songs on the Tripple MG album, it’s a dope video with a comic relief in it. It’s just a song about taking selfies. We featured Mc Galaxy, Uch Baby and the whole Tripple MG artistes.

Tell us about your leaked single “Oroma baby” ft Davido.

Selebobo: Oroma Baby is a song I did in 2013 and I was looking forward to having Davido on the track and he finally recorded on it. I didn’t want to drop it yet but somehow it got to the wrong hands and it leaked.

What is it like being a Tripple MG act?

Selebobo: Amazing, it’s been great. I like team work, so joining Tripple MG has been positive to my career. We’re family. We have fun, I mean people from different backgrounds coming together – it’s been cool.

How many singles did you drop before joining Tripple MG?

Selebobo: seriously I can’t count, I recorded so many songs all my life

What is Selebobo’s signature fashion style?

Selebobo: let me just say I love black and anything that fits me. I also love looking cooperate. As for my hairstyle, I change it a lot and it will keep changing

Fans have gotten a taste of you as an artiste and they are hungry for more – what are you cooking up?

Selebobo: I love my fans and they love me to and I’ll keep giving them good productions but I’ll say that what you see it’s what you get. I’ll be dropping a new single and video soon. I think I want to surprise my fans because I like surprises too.

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