Akwa Ibom Government VS Atheist Society Set For Court Hearing 

Akwa Ibom Government VS Atheist Society Set For Court Hearing 

Austin Papi

The war between Atheist Society of Nigeria [ASN] and the Akwa Ibom government has reached its peak, as the High Court of Akwa Ibom is set to deliver her verdict on the pending case that has been raging for 160 days.

Last year, May 10, 2018, Bill Flavell, the President of Atheist Alliance International [AAL] published an article on his website. In the article, he called the attention of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the Lavish spending of the Akwa Ibom State governor in building a mega church.

“The governor, an outspoken Christian, has played a leading role in promoting and supporting the building of an 8,500 seat ultra-modern worship center. We believe the state donated land for the project and has provided other resources to support it. Problem is, Nigeria’s Federal Constitution mandates a secular state, so the government is not permitted to engage in religious activities.

"So, on October 25, 2018, lawyers for ASN served summons on the Akwa Ibom government. The summons asked the High Court to declare the government’s actions unconstitutional and unlawful and to order the government to cease construction work and convert the land and building for “any non-religious, educational, cultural or scientific purposes …” Flavell wrote.

Animated image of the mega worship center
Animated image of the mega worship center

The Akwa Ibom Government, led by Emmanuel Udom, has refuted these claims of the Atheist Society of Nigeria [ASN], insisting that they do not have the legal jurisdiction to file a case against the government. However, the Atheist group has acquired legal backing to secure a lawsuit against the government.

The Akwa Ibom government also denied publishing the construction of an '8500 capacity' worship center on the state's official website. Yet again, a journalist has dug deep in investigations into the matter and has found the weblink to the article published in the state's official website. Find it below.


The Governor of Akwa Ibom, Mr Emmanuel Udom, has clearly advocated the building of the exotic church, according to evidence as well as rumors emerging that the Governor could be using this church project to siphon funds from the state coffers.

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