Alhaji Abdullahi Ganduje
Alhaji Abdullahi Ganduje

RUGA Should Be Banned From Central And Southern Region - Ganduje

Jayfred Ugo

Jayfred Ugo

Governor of Kano State, Alhaji Abdullahi Ganduje, has said that states where Fulanis are not indigenes, like the southern and central parts of Nigeria, will not be required to participate in the RUGA settlement initiative.

"So States where indigenes are not Fulani cannot be asked to implement RUGA, as such it is for states that can cater for the Fulanis and wish to improve their herdsmanship.

“That is why we are developing RUGA in Kano State, so that Fulani people can be in one place and enjoy all the social services like other people of the state.

“The type of herdsmanship the Fulanis are doing now will be improved, so that they can produce more cows, more milk and ensure more economic prosperity to themselves,” Ganduje said.

Ganduje disclosed this to newsmen in Sokoto when he attended the wedding ceremony of the son of Senator Kabiru Gaya on Saturday. He explained that the concept for the RUGA settlement is to make herdsmanship a socio-economic investment not a socio-cultural issue and would be implemented in the northern region for states willing to cater for the Fulanis.

The governor also insisted that the best way to resolve the herdsmen killings and improve the standard of living of the Fulani people was to ban their seasonal migration to the central and southern regions of Nigeria.

"Fulani migration should be banned otherwise they would continue to suffer and the security challenges in the country would continue to exist,” he stated.

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