President Muhammadu Buhari
President Muhammadu Buhari

You Said Jonathan Was Weak But You Are Weaker - Ahamba, Buhari’s Former Lawyer

Austin Papi

Chief Mike Ahamba, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria [SAN] and President Muhammadu Buhari’s former lawyer, has a few words of disappointment for the president.

Ahamba, who was the legal representative of President Buhari during his unsuccessful attempts at the presidency, has declared that the country is no longer safe for anyone under President Buhari's administration. He cited the alarming rate of crimes and the continual oppression of the north by Boko Haram, and now, the herdsmen.

In an interview with a news agency, Chief Mike Ahamba, said:

"I want to say this with all sincerity that the country has been overtaken by the state of insecurity.”

“There is no safety anywhere and I believe that nobody can count himself as safe unless those who may have state apparatus with which they are protecting themselves.

“Ordinary citizens are no longer safe. When you cannot drive safely from Abuja to Kaduna, you can’t drive safely from Port Harcourt to Warri; you can’t drive safely from Enugu to Makurdi.

“Where do you go? The situation is very alarming and anybody who says that he is not alarmed by what is happening should tell the nation the reason for that, and that he can’t be affected by what is happening.

“The insecurity situation is so bad that nobody knows the next victim. It is very unfortunate and the Federal Government should do something to arrest the situation before it is too late.

The elder statesman also pointed out that the major campaign promise made by Buhari in 2015 was to handle the issue of insecurity. He also recalled that Buhari, then-candidate of the political party, All Progressives Congress [APC], accused former President Goodluck Jonathan of being weak in tackling the Boko Haram menace.

Ahamba further asked: "After four years, don't you think that Buhari has lost grip of the situation?"

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